About The Designer


Reyyan Emniyet-Ates

My journey started at an extremely young age.


17 years ago, only at the age of 11, I proudly announced my decision to wear the religious headscarf, the Hijab. Slightly unexpected, both parents questioned my decision and eventually agreed with my choice. I was set with my decision yet struggled with the maintenance of my scarf.


After a few years, I had to take up a leadership role as an older sister – my duty was to ensure that my sister’s scarf securely stayed on her head, her ponytail wasn’t hanging out, occasionally tuck in her fringe that would stick out and picked up her Hijab from the floor when it completely fell off.


As I grew older and the innocence of my childhood was shattered with a number of misfortunate events that took place around the globe, I realised that the piece of material wrapped around my head was a magnet to a number of unanticipated reactions. Faced with many unexpected questions, my journey as an ambassador for my religion had consequently commenced.


After completing my university studies, in Psychology, I worked predominantly with high school students from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. During my time as a school counsellor, I observed that various students who wore the headscarf were having trouble fitting in, and most importantly not feeling confident with their appearance. It was particularly during this period; I was inspired to push the stereotype of looking untrendy and modest aside. I wanted to prove to these young ladies that one can look amazing with the headscarf on and that there isn’t only one way of wearing it.


Coming from an artistic family, I’ve always been innovative. I had a dream to express my creativity by designing impeccably styles and head pieces. I now aim to work closely with my clients and strongly believe that all individuals have their own story and unique style; hence, will strive to design an incredibly striking look exclusive to each of my clients.


It would be a pleasure to meet and work with you on your special day.


With lots of love,

Reyyan xx


Images Courtesy of Lah'za Photography