Caring for Silk Fabric

Dry cleaning is the safest option with silk. You will usually find silk labelled “Dry Clean Only” 


You should never spot clean silk, as it will water mark.


Washing Silk: some unlined silk garments may be gently hand washed in cool water using a product such as Softly. Adding salt or vinegar to the rinse water helps maintain the lustre and set the dye.


Drip dry in the shade and iron damp on the silk setting. If your garment dries completely, ironing is easier if you put it in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight.



  • Washing will soften the silk and change the drape of the garment
  • Silk may shrink up to 3%
  • Do not spot clean silk as it will water mark

Silk dyes may run. Always wash separately, and it is not recommended to wash shot silks (with different colour warp and weft). There is a high risk of one colour bleeding into the other.


Pricing & Contracts

Please send through an email for a quote. During consultation for scarf styling and headpieces, clients will be asked to fill in some forms and sign contracts for maximum satisfaction.


Custom Designs

During your initial consultation I will dedicate the time and focus needed to create your special piece. Acquiring a bespoke design is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Contact us to arrange an appointment.
  2. Bring along to the appointment any ideas, themes, materials, images that inspire you.
  3. A written quotation will be produced and once agreed the item can be designed.



As all of my pieces are handmade, please bare in mind slight variations may occur. I may require up to 6 weeks to complete custom designs depending on the piece. Please note that the materials that carry through the bridal collection are sourced overseas and as a result they are in limited supply.


I will contact you directly in the unlikely event of a material being out of stock or delayed, as it is always possible to discuss a suitable alternative.


Postal Deliveries

Items are boxed and shipped via standard post. Postal charges are NOT included in the price for each item. If purchasing via the online shop, delivery charges are included in the total cost. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery within Australia and up to 28 days for International orders depending on location, unless otherwise stated.


Refunds, Alterations and Bond

No refunds or exchanges will be given if you simply change your mind. In the unlikely event that a piece is damaged during postage, it may be returned for repair or replacement. For items that are available for hire, a bond will be required.